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Marius Masalar
Content Strategist, Photographer. Bylines at The Sweet Setup, Tools & Toys, PhotoLife Magazine, and right here on Medium.

It’s time for me to leave this innovative but frustrating new take on email behind


There are many things we can’t control, but changing our attitudes and decisions can have profound implications

Finding Paths

Early on in the game, you’ll spend your time collecting lost pieces of the magic map that controls…

You should be too — they’re going to be big

Glass: A Healthy New Community for Photographers

What if Instagram was built by photographers? That’s Glass, in a nutshell.

A handful of useful recommendations for newbies and veterans alike

1. Memorize the Keyboard Shortcut for AutoFill in Desktop Browsers: Cmd + \ or Ctrl + \

No matter which browser you use, once you’ve installed the 1Password extension you can use this keyboard shortcut to automatically fill in your login credentials.

Save things to the right bucket, make time to read, and be willing to let go

Read it Later Services Are Not Bookmarking Services

This might seem like an arbitrary distinction, but I think it’s the root of the issue. Many people treat…

Meet despair, depression’s restless cousin, and learn how to overcome it

This Isn’t Boredom

Work is curtailed or vanishing, social obligations have thinned, and what we’re left with is an unfamiliar and often uncomfortable remainder.

An in-depth look at how these two productivity powerhouses compare

I tried to cancel but couldn’t stay away—great content keeps me coming back for more

I love how it works but hate how it looks

Trading style for sound with Bose’s smart sunglasses

Design and Comfort

Bose have created two variants of the Frames…

Marius Masalar

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