iPad Mini 4

Apple’s smallest iPad is a great device…as long as you don’t own a Plus-sized phone

I used to have no trouble recommending the iPad Mini to people, but now I’m not so sure.

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iPhone Uses

  • Communication: messaging, calling, social networking
  • Photography (capture)
  • Apple Watch pairing
  • Apple Pay
  • Music and podcast listening
  • Note taking

iPad Uses

  • Writing
  • Photography (editing)
  • Video watching (YouTube, movies, etc.)
  • Reading (articles)
  • Gaming! (Thanks, Chris!)
  • Brainstorming (Apple Pencil)
  • Work (document creation, editing, Split View stuff, etc.)
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The Phablet Killed the Mini Star

Before Plus phones, the difference in screen size between an iPhone and an iPad Mini was enough to justify using the latter instead for tasks like the ones I mention above. People loved the Mini for its portability; the benefits of an iPad without the bulk.

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Mini Maybe

The 9.7” iPad (Pro or Air 2) is still the best iPad for most people, offering a solid combination of screen size, multi-tasking capability, gaming & productivity horsepower, and ergonomics. The Mini’s only remaining selling point is the lower price, but for iPhone Plus owners I’d still recommend saving up for a used Air 2 over a Mini 4.

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