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Content Strategist, Photographer. Bylines at The Sweet Setup, Tools & Toys, PhotoLife Magazine, and right here on Medium.

It’s time for me to leave this innovative but frustrating new take on email behind

It was my fault: I knew from the start that Hey wasn’t for me.

Still, I soldiered on because I was excited by the first real re-think of email since its inception; I wanted to make sure I gave it a proper try. …


There are many things we can’t control, but changing our attitudes and decisions can have profound implications

If this year has taught me anything, it’s that we can’t control what happens in life. We can often, however, influence outcomes by carefully rearranging the landscape of our attitudes and decisions. Doing so, we find paths, make connections, and build relationships.

Carto is a game that explores these ideas…

Save things to the right bucket, make time to read, and be willing to let go

There’s been a lot of conversation in my circles recently about how to effectively save links and deal with articles you want to read later.

The trouble these folks run into is that their queue quickly grows to impractical proportions, forcing them to give up, empty it, and start again.

I tried to cancel but couldn’t stay away—great content keeps me coming back for more

When I was a kid, I used to get lost in National Geographic each month. My family had a collection going back many years, and for quite a while I maintained a subscription to the magazine so I could devour each new issue as it arrived.

Later, it was joined…

I love how it works but hate how it looks

I wear my Apple Watch every day…but I’ve disliked how it looks since the very first day I put on the Series 0, and none of the subsequent models or strap options have changed my aesthetic antipathy for it.

I frequently experiment with different customized faces on my Series 4…

Trading style for sound with Bose’s smart sunglasses

I don’t know what’s gotten into the water supply at Bose lately, but whatever it is has led to a burst of interesting, innovative, and experimental products.

The latest to emerge are the Bose Frames, a pair of sunglasses with built in speakers that pipe audio to your ears in…

Marius Masalar

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